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Purchase and Installation

Is Audi Track operated by Audi Australia?

Audi Track is a third party solution licensed by Audi Australia.

Which models is Audi Track compatible with?

The Audi Track system can be fitted to any Audi model, including current and past model ranges. The standard harness included in the GRDAA-01 kits caters for all models manufactured from 2000 onwards. For older model vehicles that are not compatible with the standard harness, a retrofit harness (GRDAA-02) is available and can be ordered through the Audi Dealer Parts Department.

Will any alterations need to be done to the customer’s car?
The Audi Track fits completely unobtrusively inside the car and will not be visible to the driver or passengers.
How long does fitting Audi Track take?

Fitting should take approximately thirty minutes to one hour, depending on the exact model.

How much does the system cost?

The standard GRDAA-01 kit is all-inclusive, containing: the hardware, installation, fitment certificate and 24 months of monitoring. An additional monitoring voucher can be purchased from their dealer at any stage to extend the standard monitoring by an additional 24 months. The Accessory Sales Manager will be able to provide exact pricing.

Is there a monthly subscription fee?

No, the purchase price of Audi Track includes all costs for a 24-month period. There are no monthly subscription fees.

Is there an added cost for installation?

The cost of installation is included in the purchase price.

Can Audi Track be transferred to a new vehicle if the customer buys a new car?

Yes, the Audi Track system can be transferred to a new vehicle. Prior to the sale of the customer’s vehicle, they should visit their Audi dealer and arrange for the removal of the Audi System. The customer can then complete the Audi Track Change Over Form with the details of their new Audi vehicle and request that the dealer transfer the Audi Track system to their new vehicle on arrival.

The owner has sold their vehicle and left the Audi Track system installed, can the new owner register to access and use the Audi Track system?

Yes, advise the owner to visit their Audi Dealer and complete the Audi Track Change Over Form providing the details of the Audi vehicle and request that the dealer transfer the Audi Track system to the new owner. The Audi Track system is transferable, however the monitoring subscription is not transferable; the previous owner will be required to initiate the transfer and advise of the change in vehicle ownership.

The new owner will need to purchase a 24-month subscription voucher, this gives the new owner access to a new account with monitoring for a 24 month period.

The owner has sold their vehicle and the new owner has transferred ownership of the Audi Track system. Will the new owner have access to my trip and travel history?

No, during the transfer of the Audi Track system the new owner is set up with a new account.

Can the Audi Track system be turned off once it has been installed?

Yes, the system can be permanently disabled at any stage by written request by the account holder to Please note that this is permanent and reactivation is not possible. Should the account holder wish to reactivate the service at a later stage the owner will be required to re purchase a new kit to reactivate the service.

Using Audi Track

How does Audi Track work?

The Audi Track device is a sophisticated GPS tracker, which integrates seamlessly with the vehicle’s systems to additionally monitor aspects of its performance.

Will the Audi Track device require periodic updates?

Yes, we are committed to delivering innovative product features and from time to time service updates are required.

How does the owner access Audi Track data?

Once the device has been installed and activated the owner will receive a login and password to the Audi Track interface via email. Audi Track can be accessed using desktop, tablet or mobile devices at

Can the owner use my Audi login to access Audi Track?

For security reasons, Audi and Audi Track use different logins and passwords but the owner can access the Audi Track login page from the Audi website

Which versions of Apple iOS are supported?

The system supports Apple iOS 10.1 onwards.

Which versions of the Android operating system are supported?

The system supports Android 7 Nougat onwards.

Which versions of the Apple desktop operating system are supported?

The system supports the Apple desktop operating system macOS Sierra onwards.

Which versions of the Windows operating system are supported?

The system supports the Windows 10 operating system onwards.

Tracking and Alerts

What alerts can the owner receive from Audi Track?

The owner can choose which alerts to receive. Audi Track can monitor the car’s location and whether it is leaving a geographic ‘secure zone’; whether the car is speeding or accelerating and braking sharply and if the car’s battery is low, disconnected or reconnected. These can be toggled on and off from the Preferences page in the Audi Track portal.

How does the owner receive alerts from Audi Track?

The owner can choose to receive SMS or email alerts on whichever aspects of Audi Track’s monitoring parameters they prefer. All alerts are deactivated by default and they will need to set the SMS and email alerts that they wish to receive.

Will the owner still receive alerts if their vehicle(s) moves into an area where there is no mobile phone network coverage?

No. Audi Track requires mobile data connectivity.

Can multiple vehicles be tracked through the Audi Track interface?

The owner can monitor as many of their vehicles fitted with Audi Track as they choose and toggle between them. To link vehicles to one account the owner should use the same email address at point of purchase when the Dealer activates the Audi Track System.

How does Audi Track display the vehicle’s location?

Audi Track provides an interactive map interface for vehicle location.

How can the owner monitor how and where their car(s) is being driven?

An activity list to the side of the interactive map allows the owner to view different trips their car has been driven on since Audi Track was fitted and filter them to display harsh braking, acceleration or speeding.

Can the owner check specific dates on which my car was driven?

Yes, activity can be filtered by date.

Can the owner monitor their vehicle(s) in real time during a journey?

Data are optimised and uploaded at set intervals, and at the conclusion of a trip when the ignition is turned off. Violation events like harsh breaking, harsh acceleration, low battery and more are transmitted immediately as the event occurs. There is a small delay from the time the data are generated to allow for transmission across the mobile network and presentation via the Audi Track portal but the owner will be able to monitor the vehicle in near real time.

How does the owner create a ‘secure zone’ for my vehicle(s)?

The owner can create a ‘secure zone’ for their car by entering an address and then selecting a radius of between 0.5km and 10km. Multiple zones can be created for multiple different vehicles.

Can the owner set times during which they will/will not receive alerts for a 'secure zone'?

Yes. The default setting is 24/7 but they can create exceptions for different days of the week and times of day.


Who has access to the data from Audi Track?

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for data privacy details.

Can an Audi dealer access the information from Audi Track?

Please see the full Terms & Conditions for privacy information.

Help for Allianz

How can the owner find out more about Audi Track?

They can find out more about Audi Track or contact their local Audi dealer for more information.

The owner has forgotten their password. How do they regain access to their account?

The owner can visit and follow the onscreen prompts to reset their password.

How does the owner get help with their Audi Track device or account?

If the owner requires help with their Audi Track device or account, they should contact their local Audi dealer for assistance, or email

The owner’s vehicle has been stolen, how do they use the system to recover their vehicle?

The owner should immediately contact the Police and report the theft of the vehicle. The Police will provide them with an event number.

Then the owner should phone GRIDTRAQ on 1800 474 387 – option 1: Tactical Response and Recover, provide the Reaction Officer with the event number and verify their identity. Once verified, the Reaction Officer will support Law Enforcement, giving them the best chance of recovery.

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